When the holiday season is past us, there will be no more planning, no more shopping, and no more preparing for holiday dinners and guests. Life becomes less flustering and frantic. On the emotional side comes the big let down. 

You’ve been trying for quite a while to ignore your feelings.

You’ve especially been putting those dreaded thoughts of divorce on a back burner.

But they are now bubbling up to the surface and rapidly boiling over the top…


Hasty Post Holiday Decisions Can Bring Costly Mistakes

After New Year’s Eve, knowing you will never get back what you had in years past, the post holiday sadness sets in and so can the impulse to run. And too many people run directly to an attorney and file for divorce to “get it over with”. What you don’t realize is, if you do that, you’re voluntarily jumping directly into a bottomless divorce vortex. This is a term coined by a client whose divorce extended close to 7 years. Nothing about filing for divorce does anything good for you. The attorney can’t do anything for you without having all your financial information. By filing without planning you put yourself on a conveyor belt of stress that you can’t jump off. And even with an attorney, you really should understand your own financial status. Are you really going to turn your life over to someone who doesn’t know your lifestyle and needs, and isn’t going to be the one to live your life after the divorce?


What You Need to Focus On

The lesson here is, if you want to have a stable post-divorce life, you won’t get it by rushing into anything. There are so many questions to answer and plans to make before you do anything else. You will want to think about each aspect of your life and plan very carefully. You will want to get all the free tools and information available to you.

Consider the following, and these are just the tip of the iceberg:

1.  Are you going to want to stay in your current home?

2. If you have children, will you be able to stay in the same school district?

3. Do you have a job or will you need to get one?

4. Will your spouse resist – about money, the children, or the divorce itself?

5. Do you have easy access to all your financial information?

6. Do you have access to emergency funds?

Also, think about this. It took months and months to plan your wedding. Then you spent a number of years combining your lives, your finances and your belongings. Maybe you even have children together. Does it make sense let your emotions control this and make hasty decisions now?


How To Get It Done

holidayThere are many professionals that work in the divorce arena. There are attorneys, mediators, therapists and counselors, parenting and custody experts, investment advisors, CPA’s and tax advisors, and a myriad of financial specialists.

What most people don’t realize is that aside from custody and time sharing issues, your divorce is looked at like the break up of a business. It’s all factual and about balancing the numbers.

 Based on this, wouldn’t it make sense to first contact a professional that specializes in all the financial aspects of divorce? Especially since divorce is 90% financial.

How you feel and how you’ve been treated, are not taken into consideration. In some states a cheating spouse might give you more when dividing your assets. These issues can become very costly with legal fees, and may not be worth that financial investment. Also your divorce will take longer and emotional turmoil can make it even worse for you. Sometimes it’s better to just move past it.

Who Can Help

If you decide you want a Divorce Financial Specialist with a strong tax and divorce planning background in addition to family law paralegal and mediation experience, you’re in the right place. You can be certain you will be understood by Ellen Wanamaker. She survived and worked through what her own divorce attorney said was the worst in his 20 year career. You will be able to take advantage of her step by step program. She developed this while she battled successfully every step of the way, with a husband whose attorney tried every dirty trick in the book.

Ellen was able to sidestep disasters by anticipating her husband’s actions. She created strategies that shut them down before they got started.


Ellen is ready to help you – she is driven to help people prevent divorce disasters by guiding you through divorce, every step of the way. She is currently offering complimentary one hour Strategy Sessions to help you focus on your priorities and discuss how she can get you there. The fee for this consultation is generally $500, however Ellen is offering this at no charge to help you get started. She is passionate to help with what she has to offer. and that is why she is giving this to you. If you want to know what to do FIRST, get the FREE Checklist below. It shows you the first step that will help you avoid many future problems.


Other than the death of a parent or a child, you’ve likely heard that divorce can be the worst emotional experience someone can endure. You have been offered an option that can help you as a whole person, not just a file in an office. Take your first step now, to get free information. 

Get your FREE Checklist which can lead to a complimentary conversation with a woman who truly understands how you feel and what you are facing.

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Ellen Wanamaker

Ellen Wanamaker is a Divorce Financial Specialist and Communications Strategist. She began helping women with uncoupling, after her own egregious divorce from which she created a step by step system. Post-divorce, she went on to become a Matrimonial Paralegal, Mediator and Divorce Financial Specialist. Ellen's divorce strengths stem from her financial background, being a federally licensed tax practitioner for more than 25 years,, and investment and insurance advisor. She has been helping women in many stages of divorce set up their finances on autopilot. Ellen is also the author of the popular book "Divorce Starter Tools Women Need."