You’re facing divorce noise, and you need answers.

Who do you call for advice?

Do you leave home or ask your husband to leave?

What about the money? 

Who’s going to get the house?

How are you going to be able to pay for it?

Will you have anything left for retirement?

What will your friends and family think?

How will the children be able to adjust?

Will your spouse make you miserable?

How can you possibly get through all this?

Take a step back and start planning your Exit Strategy!

There are answers to your questions and solutions for your unknowns. And you CAN cut through that proverbial divorce noise.

You’re not going to have to read and study all the generic information to see how you can use certain details to make them work for you.

Everyone is different. Your life is unique.

You are the only one who knows what your lifestyle is and most importantly, how your spouse thinks.

Every step you take should be based on THAT fact so you can land on your feet.

You should never be convinced to divorce by friends, family, or anyone else. That is an individual choice and is not necessarily the first choice. HOWEVER, if you believe it’s even possible that you’re heading in that direction, it would be to your advantage to get your financial house in order just in case. At the very worst (or best, depending on how you look at it), you will have a solid understanding of your family finances, which is very important as we get older.

There are many techniques for reducing the divorce noise so you can focus on what’s important as you progress. These can include passive activities such as watching TV, surfing the web, or listening to music. Some prefer physical activities such as jogging or playing sports. Another popular option is meditation.

We understand that receiving accurate information tailored to your situation is a top priority. You can be assured the dedicated assistance from Strategic Divorce Decisions will help you focus on your priorities, and put your mind at ease during the process.

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Ellen Wanamaker

Ellen Wanamaker is a Divorce Financial Specialist and Communications Strategist. She began helping women with uncoupling, after her own egregious divorce from which she created a step by step system. Post-divorce, she went on to become a Matrimonial Paralegal, Mediator and Divorce Financial Specialist. Ellen's divorce strengths stem from her financial background, being a federally licensed tax practitioner for more than 25 years,, and investment and insurance advisor. She has been helping women in many stages of divorce set up their finances on autopilot. Ellen is also the author of the popular book "Divorce Starter Tools Women Need."