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You can engage a Divorce Financial Specialist,
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We help you before and during divorce to protect your assets and secure your future.

There are so many financial pieces of the puzzle of life.

Most women find it is often difficult to decide where to start.

Many women are paralyzed and do nothing... hoping it will all fall into place.

But it doesn't...

For more than 2 decades women have been using these services that help them protect their money, maintain their sanity, and help them find a soft place to land.



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Get the guidance to be confident and make the best decisions for yourself.

If you haven't started yet, there are specific foundational strategies we will work out together to maintain your sanity and your bank accounts.

If you've started and are stuck, we will work together to get you to a settlement that will be fair while we reduce the conflicts that may have already escalated.




Past clients describe personal support and financial guidance they received.



When I met Ellen Wanamaker I was a hot mess. I was upset, confused, and had no idea what to do or how to do it. Ellen was able to help me resolve my divorce with some strategies I never would have thought possible.

She was with me every step of the way, and with her compassion and professional skills she helped me understand how I could make it on my own, and helped me get to a fair conclusion without the fighting I dreaded.

By starting with her Pre-Planning system, I had no loose ends after the divorce, and I felt very confident and ready to move forward in the new home she helped me find. With limited involvement of other professionals, Ellen was my “divorce team,” giving me the confidence and financial know how to be independent.” 

Roberta J. 



“The first day I met Ellen she found a $79,000 error in the amount I was supposed to get from my husband in our divorce. The next day my attorney brought Ellen in as the financial expert. She went over the list that she had prepared and handed out to the attorneys, which outlined the last of the 5 major things my husband and I had to agree on. Next she delicately discussed the error in the retirement plan calculation.

Ellen was able to tactfully and gracefully explain to the attorneys that because my husband was not a financial professional, this was obviously just a clerical error and an oversight on his part. Because of that non-accusatory approach, my husband and I came to a full agreement in less than two hours. We left the building holding hands and knew that we were going to be able to remain friends. Ellen was able to “put out the fire”. My former husband and I have been able to co-parent in a friendly way, and I have Ellen to thank for everything." 

Elizabeth M.



“I would like to take this opportunity to describe the services that Ellen Wanamaker provided for me, as they were very beneficial during my divorce.

Ellen has a strong ability to keep the focus on the relevant matters through her clear, concise approach and her sharp attention to detail. Perhaps more importantly than Ellen’s purposeful on-task effort itself, it is the effect that her services had on me, and her comfort and fortitude during the process of my complicated and multi-faceted divorce.

Ellen’s efforts enabled me to feel levelheaded and clear-minded, which enabled me to face and manage the divorce process successfully. I personally have grown in self-assurance and in hope for my future. It was Ellen’s understanding and support that helped me personally emerge to where I want to be in life.” 

Marissa C.

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Ellen Wanamaker

Ellen Wanamaker is a Divorce Financial Specialist and Communications Strategist. She began helping women with uncoupling, after her own egregious divorce from which she created a step by step system. Post-divorce, she went on to become a Matrimonial Paralegal, Mediator and Divorce Financial Specialist. Ellen's divorce strengths stem from her financial background, being a federally licensed tax practitioner for more than 25 years,, and investment and insurance advisor. She has been helping women in many stages of divorce set up their finances on autopilot. Ellen is also the author of the popular book "Divorce Starter Tools Women Need."